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Aluminum Profile Milling Machine

Brand : MMCNC

Product origin : China

Delivery time : 15 Days After Got Deposit

Supply capacity : 20 Sets Per Month

1. Feature

1.1  This machine is designed for processing round holes,slot,keyhole,shaped-

hole(rigidity tapping option)etc on aluminum profile,window door and curtain wall 

industry,it is suitable for drilling,chamfering,engraving plane surface and other 

procedures on aluminum profile with arbitary angle from -90°to 90°.

1.2  It is provided with automatic chip removal function.

1.3  Main spindle adopt air-cooling electric main axis from Italy,total power is 

9.6KW,and rotary speed is 0--24000r/min,high precision,high safety,high reliability.

1.4 Adopt Chinese Higerman CNC control system,Have professional CAD-CAM 

programming software,It can translate processing G code automatically,have function of 

easy operation,high efficiency and lower labor intensity.

1.5 Imported guide rail,sliding block,X axis adopt high precision oblique gear and rack 

driving.Y and Z axis adopt high precision ball crew drive.The drive is stable,so can 

improve the precision of whole machine.

1.6  Inside blades storage can hold 6sets blades,the handle is approved ISO30 standard ,it

 is very safety and reliable.

1.7  The worktable can overturn 180°,-90°,0°,+90°,CNC system control servo motor to 

realize the worktable overturn from -90°to +90°in arbitary angle,Clamping one time 

profile can realize deeply hole (hetero type hole),it can realize deeply hole processing 

through overturn worktable,so can highly improve processing efficiency.

1.8  Adopt automatic pump oil supply system,blades adopt system control spray cooling 


1.9 The main electrical parts:circuit breakers,AC contactor are all ACHNEIDER brand.

2.0 The main components adopts steel structure and they are all through aging treatment. 


2. Specification

2.1  Power supply: 380V/50Hz (As clients need)

2.2  Air pressure: 0.5~0.8MPa

2.3  Total power: 13.5KW

2.4  Main axis power: S6:9.6KW S1:8KW

2.5  Max rotary speed: 24000/min

2.6  X axis journey: 4000mm

2.7  Y axis journey: 640mm

2.8  Z axis journey: 440mm

2.9  X axis speed: 50000mm/min

2.10  Y and Z axis speed: 15000mm/min

2.11  Overall dimension: 5630*2780*2500mm

2.12  Weight: 2600KGS

3. Detailed pictures


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