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Aluminum 4 Axes CNC Machining Centres

Brand : MMCNC

Product origin : China

Delivery time : 60 Days after got deposit

Supply capacity : 10 Sets per month

Aluminium 4 Axis CNC Drilling Milling Machine is mainly for drilling and milling different type holes on Aluminium profile.

1. Equipment Feature

1.1  Adopt PA control system with clear interface and easy operating.

1.2  With professional windows and doors CAM software, according to the settings, the

 fixture automatically placed automatically move to achieve high-efficiency three-

dimensional four-axis processing.

1.3  CAD graphics can be directly input into the system, and can also directly draw

 graphics on the system CAD platform, generate NC files, edit and implement processing


1.4  Single positioning and double positioning design, up-load and down-load profile

 non-stop machine, with higher processing efficiency

1.5  Centralized lubrication using intermittent supply system, the tool cooling used to the

 spray pump cooling device by system control.

1.6  Can be processed aluminum, aluminum-wood composite profiles, copper and other

light metal processing

1.7  One time clamping, multi-faceted profile to complete drilling, tapping, chamfering,

 milling slot and shaped hole processing

1.8  The magazine capacity is two groups of 16 knives, one for the servo disc magazine

 with 8T and the other for the straight magazine with 8T.

1.9  The head adopts fully enclosed safety structure to ensure the safety of operators.

Aluminum CNC Machine.png

2. Parameter



Air pressure


Total power


X-axis max speed


Y-axis max speed


Z-axis max speed


Working Size


Cutter handle model

ISO 30

Cutter magazine

16cutter positions(8 as Disc type, 8 as linear type)

Type of clamping

pneumatic clamping ( 8 )

Lubrication system


Cooling system

spray pump

CAM software

 Aluminum Window-door processing software


9kw ; 0~24000rpm; air-cooling type

Overall dimension

(L*W*H) 9000*2230*3060mm

3.  Main Component information:

Control system

DAZU(Germany PA control software)


Italy 9.6KW HSD brand

Servo system

Japan YASKAVA servo driver and motor

Solenoid valve

Taiwan AirTAC brand

Linear guide

Taiwan ABBA brand

electric breaker

French Schneider brand

Ball screw

Taiwan ABBA brand

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4. Aluminum 4 Axis Machining Center sample after milling

Aluminum Milling Machine sample.png

5. Machine During Delivery

Aluminum CNC Milling Machine Delivery.png

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