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3 Axis Drilling Machine

Brand : MMCNC

Product origin : China

Delivery time : 15 Days After Got Deposit

Supply capacity : 30 Sets Per Month

1. Feature

1.1  applicable for drilling holes,milling grooves,processing circular holes and special-

shaped holes,plane engraving of aluminum alloy profile

1.2  System adopts Taiwan SYNTEC CNC Controller

1.3  Adopting electric spindle:high precision,high safety and reliable.

1.4  X axis adopts high-precision helical gear and rack;Y and Z axis adopt high-precision

 ball screw transmission and high precision

1.5  By using programming software to automatically transform and process G code;easy

 operation;high efficiency and low labour intensity

1.6  Workbench can not turn but add T slot table;it can realize three-sides processing

 by clamping one timeit can process deep and special-shaped holes through

 workbench;high efficiency and precision.

3mi zuan.png

2. Technical Parameter

2.1   Power supply  380V/50Hz (According client need)

2.2   Input power   3kw China Air Cooling Spindle

                              6kw HSD Air Cooling Spindle for optional

2.3   Main axis rev  18000rpm

2.4   Air pressure   0.5~0.6MPa

2.5   Tool Clamp:   ER25 for 3KW

                               ER32 for 6KW

2.6   Suitable Milling Cutter Diameter: ER 25: from 2mm to 16mm

                                                               ER 32: from 3mm to 20mm


3. Components with Brand

Main Components.png

6. Machine During Delivery


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