How Much Influence Does The "Machine Brain" Have On Cnc Machine Tools?

How Much Influence Does The "Machine Brain" Have On Cnc Machine Tools?

The most important reason why nc machine tool is different from traditional machine tool is that it has its own "brain" -- numerical control system, which can not require manual operation in the whole process like traditional machine tool. Many people want to know, this "brain" is good or bad, the numerical control machine tool, how much impact? Today, I hope I can give you a little help.

To understand the impact of the numerical control system on the numerical control machine tool, the first thing to know is the structure of the numerical control system. The numerical control system is mainly composed of human-computer interaction interface + numerical-control core + programmable logic controller + drive, in which the human-computer interaction interface is used for human-computer interaction. The numerical control core is the core of the numerical control system, which is used for the calculation of trajectory, adjustment of position, and related control, such as acceleration, tool data, zero offset, and various complex machine tool functions. The programmable logic controller is used to control the logic of machine tools, such as tool storehouse, hydraulic equipment, etc. Drive is the actuator to adjust the current loop and speed loop of the motor so that it can quickly and accurately complete the instructions given by the nc core.

Numerical control system for nc machine tools is more than just a accessories, also can be said to be the full set of solutions, that also include two parts of hardware and software, only when combined with hard and soft, and human-computer interaction interface, CNC numerical control system of the core works in harmony, programmable logic controller, drive, complete machine tool control, to guarantee the high precision machine tools, high quality. Therefore, the quality of numerical control system will directly affect the accuracy and efficiency of numerical control machine tools.

In general, the "good numerical control system" defined by the public will be equipped with high-end servo motors. Good nc system can provide a variety of motor types for users to choose, such as high dynamic motor, large inertia motor. The user can choose the motor with different characteristics according to different requirements of the machine tool. Good servo motors generally have higher encoder resolution, and the higher the resolution, the lower the speed fluctuation. The motor with a high resolution encoder can be controlled more smoothly and with higher accuracy.

The personage inside course of study all know, there will be a lot of elastic connection between electrical and mechanical (such as elastic coupling), after a series of elastic link makes the error of machine tool in the process of transmission have subtle, and the feedback system at this time only know motor, did not know that error in the transmission, so the actual control accuracy will be affected by this. In view of this situation, the middle and high end numerical control system can be connected with the grating ruler to form a "full closed loop" as a direct measurement system. In this way, the system can be controlled and adjusted directly through the grating ruler to obtain actual mechanical feedback, thus improving the precision of the machine tool.

Today, many high-end numerical control systems have been able to achieve accuracy beyond the nanometer level. This also means that the high-end CNC system can provide higher control accuracy, so as to achieve a more ideal interpolation trajectory. Not only that, in the production process, the machine tool will inevitably be affected by the vibration caused by external environment interference, such as cooling equipment, hydraulic equipment, or other machine tools. This kind of problem can be found by measuring the position deviation with the grating ruler, but it is difficult to suppress and eliminate these interferences by adjusting the dynamic response parameters of the machine tool. However, high-end CNC machine tools can usually use the same method as the advanced positioning Control function of Siemens APC(Advance Position Control) to suppress external interference and further improve the processing performance of the machine.

Remember in CCMT2018 interview yamazaki camp stool booth gram (China) co., LTD. President assistant Mr Li Jinhe when he had said, the seventh generation of the man-machine conversation function of CNC system after 20 years of development, now increasingly shows its superiority and practical performance, in such a developed day of computer, a lot of numerical control equipment also need people to operate, and lift control system can be used everyday conversational language to program editing, not only provides users with convenient, also to a great extent, save the production cost of the staff. From this point of view, high-end numerical control system has shown its unusual superior performance.

Although the core of nc machine tool is still the machine tool itself, good mechanical performance is the foundation, but a set of good, high-quality nc system can give play to the excellent mechanical performance of machine tool more incisively and vividly, achieve the goal of icing on the cake.

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